Huawei Drives Smartphone Sales In China By A Gigantic 66%

Huawei Drives Smartphone Sales In China By A Gigantic 66%

Despite US sanctions, Huawei is performing well in China. The firm’s domestic handset shipments elevated 66% as compared to last year, as per a report by Canalys (the market research firm). In the previous quarter, Huawei shipped 41.5 Million handsets in China, offering it a record-high share market of 42%. At least most of that success may be credited to users buying Huawei handsets as a rebellion in opposition to foreign pressure and US sanctions.

In the same quarter previous year, Huawei exported 25 Million handsets and held 25% of the share market, Canalys claims. That is in proportion to own reports of Huawei that its Q3 income increased 24.4% in comparison to last year in the same quarter. The company lately claimed it shipped over 185 million handsets in the initial 3 quarters of this year, up 26% in comparison to last year.

The success of the company comes at the cost of China’s other leading-five merchants: Vivo, Oppo, Apple, and Xiaomi. The market share of Apple in China dropped 2%, in comparison to last year in the same quarter. The firm shipped only 5.1 Million handsets previous quarter, marking its weakest Chinese sales in 5 Years. The iPhone 11 added up for 40% of those shipments in Q3, and the handset can carry on giving Apple a required boost.

On a related note, after months of discussion, the UK is allegedly near to allowing Huawei into its 5G systems. Media sources state that Boris Johnson (Prime Minister) considering to allow the Chinese tech behemoth access to “non-contentious” components of 5G service in the nation. While there was not much amplification on what that indicated, earlier reports recommended that these might be regions where the possible damage from Chinese surveillance (if any) might be restricted.

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