Firm to come up with faster diagnosis kits

Firm to come up with faster diagnosis kits

A firm based in Massachusetts has said that it is going to be producing the higher speed tests which may help in the testing of five million people for the coronavirus to the people in one week.

Thermo Fisher Scientific on Friday said that the FDA is issuing now the emergency authorization for their tests and this can provide the results in four hours of the sample arriving the lab. The authorization as per the CEO Marc N Casper, said that the authorization of the diagnostic test for the coronavirus is going to be helping the protection of patients and enabling the medical staff for the swift response to the ones who need treatment for the prevention of spreading of this disease.

The spokesperson said that they need to be making enough kits for them to be enough to test close to five million people in one week. The company which is responsible for making the lab equipment as of now has been selling two kinds of test kits. One of them has a capacity of diagnosing close to 100 people and there is one more which can diagnose even 1,000 people as per him. He further said that they were planning to produce as many as 5 million reactions in a week. Each of the reaction for potential of testing one patient and this test is going to be available as part of this kit. Each of the kits may produce either 100 or the 1000 reactions depending upon specific kits.

He further said that the kids can be offered online right away and will have the ability of running these tests in the week

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