FBI says that smart TVs may be hacked through cameras and microphones

FBI says that smart TVs may be hacked through cameras and microphones

An FBI report has recently warned the users of smart TVs that it is possible for hackers to control the unsecured TV of the users. FBI explained that at a very low level of risk they can do things like play with the TV volume, play inappropriate videos or change the channels. In a more serious scenario of risk though, the hackers can use the microphone and camera for cyberstalking a user quietly.

This is not the first time such a risk has been discussed. Some years ago, the smart TVs from some companies had been tracking the viewing habits and then reporting them to the manufacturers.

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The FBI has now warned that the app developers and TV manufacturers might be listening and watching to the users. They further said that the television is capable of being a gateway into a user’s home for the hackers.

It is being said that a person with malicious intent may not directly get the access to the locked-down computer but they can do that through the router of the user.

There haven’t been many cases of hackers getting into homes through the smart TVs however it might not be that long before they watch and listen to users.

The FBI recommends that the users must change the security settings and passwords. In addition, they should know how the microphones and cameras of a television can be turned off.

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The threat is not just from the hackers. There is a possibility that the vendors of smart TV and the developers of software are already tracking the users.

A journalist had recently found and reported that a few companies such as Roku TV, Vizio, Samsung, TCL and LG are keeping an eye on the viewing habits of the viewers.

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