Safe Influx Helps Combat Key Risks Linked To Oil And Gas Industries

Safe Influx Helps Combat Key Risks Linked To Oil And Gas Industries

Safe Influx—a subsidiary of Robert Gordon University—has designed a technology to autonomously and effectively control one of the major risks that are being faced by the oil and gas industries.

The newly built system is capable of detecting well influxes at oil-extraction sites and thrust of fluid or gas formed inside a drilled wellbore. The system also helps in minimizing the influx by taking immediate counteractive actions, which prevents huge explosions. The tech-based system will diminish the explosion risks, cut extraction cost, and decrease the chances of ecological crashes significantly.

Safe Influx Co-founder Phil Hassard, also a Drilling Simulation Manager at Energy Transition Institute of RGU, stated that the whole team has created this device for promoting safety besides energy production. The team was simultaneously conducting a survey while developing the device. In a survey, they found that for every 1,000 wells the industry drilled, six sites had explosions. On an estimate, there are more than one million potential oil-extracting sites available on the globe, which are yet to be drilled. According to the survey figures, globally 6,000 sites could be blowout in future, which could put a number of lives in risk and preserve the environment.

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A startup launched by RGU, Accelerator, is the only company that backed Safe Flux in all the aspects includes funds, mentorship, and expertise, to erect the commercial part of the business.

On a related note, MontiPower—a segment of UK-based company Cactus Industrial—has launched a new product “Cleantech Subsea Bristle Blaster B20.” The product is based on the groundbreaking technology that supports oil and gas industries.

The manually operated analytical tool, designed by MontiPower based on its patented Bristle Blaster technology, is waterproof can work efficiently even in submerged conditions. It can wipe out subsea corrosion and profile steel & alloy surfaces. The company is planning to unveil another such tool that can operate on battery.

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