Solar And Wind Mutually Met Over 10% Of US Electric Demand For H1 Of 2019

Solar And Wind Mutually Met Over 10% Of US Electric Demand For H1 Of 2019

The share of solar energy in the overall electricity mix of the nation carries on rising. This is as per the recent statistics from the EIA (Energy Information Administration) of the US Department of Energy.

The media processed the numbers from EIA’s lately launched report—Electric Power Monthly—for June 2019. They found that solar consumed 2.7% of the pie for all electricity generation in the US during the H1 of this year, up from 2.4% as compared to the same period a year ago.

As per EIA, the output of the large-scale and rooftop solar plants in the nation increased merely 9% over this timeframe. On the other hand, electricity usage as calculated by sales to end-users dropped 1.9%.

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As there are restricted exports and imports from the US to other countries, solar also met 2.7% of the overall electric requirement. Wind met 7.7% of overall electric requirement during the H1 of 2019, indicating that solar and wind mutually met 10.4% of the electric demand in the country.

It stays to be seen if wind and solar add up over 10% of energy for the entire year, considering both elevations in electricity employment are driven by air conditioning in August and July as well as wind output’s seasonal patterns.

On a related note, RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standards) are laws in 29 states including Washington DC that need resources to provide a rising amount of the energy they sell or create from renewable sources.

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According to a report, the majority is over a decade old, is regularly updated by registered states, and adds up for over 73 GW of new renewable capacity by end of 2030. By 2029, there will be a regulatory demand of creating greater than 551 TWh each year of electricity from the portfolio of renewable sources.

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