Biggest Solar Project Of Canada Receives Approval For Construction

Biggest Solar Project Of Canada Receives Approval For Construction

The Alberta Utilities Commission has given a green signal for the construction and operation of the 400-MW Canadian solar unit. This is anticipated to be the biggest functioning solar energy project in the nation. Greengate Power stated the structuring on the Travers Solar project will begin in 2020, where 2021 is scheduled for starting commercial operations. More than 100,000 homes can be supplied electricity through the photovoltaic facility, as said by Greengate. Vulcan County, Alberta, is the project site.

Photovoltaic denotes the process of transforming light directly from the Sun into electrical energy. In a statement, Dan Balaban, CEO of Greengate, stated, “We are very delighted to have obtained consent for what we anticipate will be the biggest solar energy project in Canada and among the biggest in the world.” The other large-scale photovoltaic units in North America comprise the 586-MW Solar Star Projects unit and the 550-MW Topaz Solar Farms project, both situated in California.

Balaban added, “We expect that Travers Solar will fetch noteworthy investment, clean renewable energy, and employment to Alberta while reinforcing the status of the province as worldwide energy and environmental leader.” As per the Natural Resources Canada, in 2018, the solar photovoltaic capacity stood at 3,040 MW in Canada, with a majority of it situated in Ontario. At present, the largest PV farms in the nation comprise the Grand Renewable Energy Park and Sol-Luce Kingston facility, both having a 100-MW capacity. On the contrary, in 2017, the hydroelectricity capacity of the country was 80,764 MW.

Likewise, a British energy company illuminating African homes with pay-as-you-go solar power has obtained £40 Million to expand its horizons to Asia with the assistance of Japan’s Mitsubishi. The association has taken a share in off-grid solar firm BBOXX through the most recent funding round of the start-up, which will propel the Africa-focused firm deeper into Asia.

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