Leaded Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitors Market Report Focus On Landscape | Current And Future Development 2023-2030

TheΒ global leaded multi-layer ceramic capacitors market sizeΒ was worth around USD 10.24 billion in 2022 and is predicted to grow to around USD 15.29 billion by 2030 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of roughly 5.17% between 2023 and 2030.

A leaded multi-layer ceramic capacitor is a fixed capacitor used in the electrical sector, in which the ceramic material serves as the dielectric. This type of commonly used ceramic conductor is made by stacking conductive plates on top of one another, keeping each layer isolated from the others with the use of a ceramic dielectric.

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πŸ”° Market Overview for Leaded Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors

Alternate layers of ceramic and metal are stacked to create a multi-layer chip. Leaded multi-layer ceramic capacitors, or leaded MLCCs, are produced when the chip in question is powered or outfitted with lead wires and then coated in epoxy resin. This electrical component’s primary job is to store and release electrical energy when it’s activated. The increased capacitance level added to the structural composition of leaded MLCC is one of the related aspects that contributes to excessive consumption in the electrical sector. For example, depending on the final size, the capacitance value of a leaded MLCC can range from picofarads (pF) to microfarads (ΞΌF) and even higher. Moreover, leaded MLCCs can be utilized from both sides, boosting product application, because they are non-polarized, in contrast to electrolytic capacitors.

πŸ”° Crucial Notes:

β€’ Our research analyst’s analysis indicates that over the course of the forecast period (2023–2030), the global market for leaded multi-layer ceramic capacitors is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 5.17%.

β€’ According to revenue projections, the global market for leaded multi-layer ceramic capacitors was estimated to be worth USD 10.24 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to USD 15.29 billion by 2030.

β€’ The market for leaded multi-layer ceramic capacitors is anticipated to expand significantly as a result of rising consumer electronics use.

➀ Consumer electronics usage is rising, driving market expansion

The rising demand and consumption of consumer electronics is expected to fuel growth in the global market for leaded multi-layer ceramic capacitors. In the manufacturing of nearly every product that is used on a daily basis, including game consoles, computers, smartphones, tablets, power banks, and home appliances, led MLCCs are utilized extensively. The production rate of all consumer electronics will soar in the upcoming years, further impacting the demand for high-performance leaded multi-layer ceramic capacitors, due to the growing consumer base as the world’s population continues to grow and the rise in buying power across developed and developing nations. Additionally, since electronic products cannot be readily or rapidly replaced, consumer preferences and expectations have changed. Today’s consumers anticipate higher performance, quality, and longevity from their purchases. These trends have encouraged digital system producers to spend money on R&D, which has increased sales. For example, on August 4, 2023, Samsung released its newest 4K television set in India. There are three different screen size options for this device.

➀ Increased use of leaded MLCC in the automobile industry to generate more income

Electric components of many kinds of cars use led multi-layer ceramic capacitors in various electrical components. The amount of leaded MLCC consumed in the worldwide automobile industry has increased significantly as a result of the sector’s continual evolution brought about by the entry of new competitors and the booming product portfolio diversification of established firms. Leading electronic component distributor element14 revealed on their website in July 2016 that customers may purchase Vishay’s radial-leaded multilayer ceramic capacitors. The operating temperature of the MLCC can reach +175Β°C, making it resistant to even the most severe automotive operating conditions.

➀ Leaded MLCCs’ unsuitability for high voltage could limit the growth of the market

Despite having a broad variety of voltage ratings, goods in the global leaded multi-layer ceramic capacitors market might not be appropriate for uses or final products that are exposed to high voltage. End users may choose to purchase high-performance capacitors or other options in such circumstances. Furthermore, the energy storage capacity of leaded MLCC is comparatively smaller than that of its equivalents, hence reducing its potential applications. An increasing number of products made with leaded MLCC have been reported to produce microphonic effects. This indicates that mechanical vibrations and noise can be caused by the voltage applied to the capacitors. Such performance restrictions may result in a large loss of income.

➀ Growing expenditures on 5G technologies to generate expansion prospects

Leading multi-layer ceramic capacitors, which are likely to be utilized in practically every element of 5G systems, are anticipated to have a significant influence on the development of the future 5G wireless telecommunications sector. Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. declared in January 2021 that it has created the thinnest MLCC in the world, featuring three plugs that are compatible with 5G devices. Conversely, Murata Manufacturing, a Japanese company, introduced the GRM011R60J104M in March 2021. The biggest capacitance in the world is found in this MLCC. In the world’s smallest* 0201M (0.25 x 0.125 mm) size, the value is 0.1 ΞΌF, and it is anticipated to be utilized for 5G devices.

➀ difficult circumstances that arise while balancing the supply and demand for leaded MLCC could destabilize the market

Finding a balance between the supply and demand for leaded multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) is one of the major challenges facing suppliers and customers in this business. This is impacted by the cyclical nature of consumer electronics demand, as the sector occasionally experiences stronger sales and occasionally experiences sharp declines in consumption. Additionally, the shifting nature of global trade ties has resulted in a number of other barriers to the seamless supply of these capacitors. Further issues that could arise include the electronics industry’s fast changing technology, which increases the danger of obsolescence, and the fierce rivalry in the leaded multi-layer ceramic capacitor market.

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The Global Leaded Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors Market is segmented based on product, application and region

Global Leaded Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors Market: Product Segment Analysis

● Axial Lead Type

● Radial Lead Type

Global Leaded Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors Market: Application Segment Analysis

● Industrial Machinery

● Consumer Electronics

● Defense

● Automotive

● Others

The global leaded multi-layer ceramic capacitors market is led by players like:

● AVX Corporation

● Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd

● Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co Ltd

● TDK Corporation

● WΓΌrth Elektronik GmbH & Co KG

● Kyocera Corporation

● Chaozhou Three-Circle (Group) Co Ltd

● Taiyo Yuden Co Ltd

● Vishay Intertechnology Inc

● KEMET Corporation

● Samwha Capacitor Group

● Yageo Corporation

● Holy Stone Enterprise Co Ltd

● Panasonic Corporation

➀ Asia-Pacific is expected to increase at the fastest rate during the projection period

The region of Asia-Pacific will have the fastest growth rate in the world market for leaded multi-layer ceramic capacitors. Several of the world’s leading producers of capacitors are found in this region. This encompasses countries including South Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, and Taiwan. In order to meet the growing demand for electronic components worldwide, the regional government is making significant investments in enhancing manufacturing lines, while other countries, such as India, are keeping a close eye on the electronics sector. Additionally, rising middle-class populations and easier access to electronics, as evidenced by increased sales figures on e-commerce websites and online sales platforms, have led to unprecedented levels of domestic consumption of consumer electronics in recent years.

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Market participants have been able to reach a wider range of consumers thanks to increases in product knowledge and the manufacturing of goods in a variety of price points, including luxury and budget goods. Additionally, the expanding regional automobile industry’s adoption of leaded MLCC has increased revenue in Asia-Pacific. Global sales for Toyota, a Japanese company, increased by 5.1% in the first half of 2023.

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