Walgreens Testing On Demand Drone Delivery With Albhabet’s Wing

Walgreens Testing On Demand Drone Delivery With Albhabet’s Wing

Walgreen has come up with latest idea of on-demand drone delivery with the help of services offered by Wing of Alphabet. This venture will initiate next month as per the announcement made by the companies on Thursday.

According to Walgreens, the service will deliver items such as OTC (over-the-counter) medications, beverage, foods and other stuffs within minutes, although, no prescription deliveries can be availed by it.

Vish Sankaran, the chief officer of innovation said that Walgreens continued to discover partnerships to modernize and change American’s customer experience and were gratified to be 1st retailers in America to give on-demand marketable drone delivery choice with Wing. According to him the company aims to facilitate the customers with products on-demand, however and wherever they need them.

Several companies in America are coming up with ways to lure and capture customers into buying their products with more convenient and faster deliveries and Walgreens is one of them. Amazon stated in June that within few months it would launch its drone delivery service. Similarly, Larry Merlo, CEO of CVS revealed in Jan that its company would soon be distributing prescriptions via drone.

James Burgess, Wing’s chief executive stated that there were several concerns regarding the new drone-delivery tech and they’re engaging with companies like FedEx and Walgreens to study the ways and receive feedback. Nothing has been revealed by him when the service would be launched in the country.

The U.S. Dept. of Transportation is working with Christiansburg, Virginia to assess delivery by drone since 2016 and the new service will be verified there. As per Walgreens, when the service will expand it will be in an exceptionable position to charm consumers, as nearly 78% of Americans reside within 5 miles of any Walgreens store. Currently, Wing’s drone exercises a provision range of 6 miles.

Walgreens will initiate the testing of drone delivery facility with Wing in the U.S. in Christiansburg, Virginia.

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