Walmart Decides To Not Sell Vaping Products In Wake Of Vaping Related Diseases

Walmart Decides To Not Sell Vaping Products In Wake Of Vaping Related Diseases

Walmart which is a huge retailer in the United States has recently announced that it will not be selling e-cigarettes as well as delivery of electronic nicotine products at the stores of United States due to the reports of deaths and diseases in the US due to vaping related diseases that cause lung damage.

On Friday, Walmart employees were sent a company memo which said that the company is concerned with the interest that is growing in vaping among teenagers as well as the diseases related to lungs that have been caused due to vaping and the deaths that have been happening due to it.

It has noted that with the current regulations regarding vaping being uncertain at local and state level, it is difficult for them to start selling products that are related to vaping.

The data from disease prevention and control center in the United States which had been published earlier in the week has showed the lung diseases related to vaping has seen a rise to 530 probable cases which is up from the previous week that is 380. As of now 8 people have so far lost their lives from the illnesses that are mysterious and have been speculated to be linked with the vaping habit.

On Thursday, The administration of Food and Drug in the United States has launched a probe, a criminal one in the recent rise in the illnesses caused due to vaping. It has collected samples from 150 vaping products in order to try them and test them for the traces of dangerous substances like nicotine, opioids, cannabinoids, pesticide and other such substances which may potentially harm the body.

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