Ford Joins Hand With Charging Firms To Create The FordPass Network

Ford Joins Hand With Charging Firms To Create The FordPass Network

Ford is expecting to induce fence sitters to at last get an electric car by making it simpler to search for charging stations. The auto manufacturer has launched the FordPass Charging Network, which it claims comprises 12,000 charging stations with over 35,000 connections in North America. Users who purchase its forthcoming electric cars (most probably comprising its Mustang-based electric SUV) will receive 2 Years of free access to the network from the time they purchase and activate their account on FordPass for the car. They will still have to shell out to charge their electric cars, which they can do via their vehicle’s screen or the FordPass app, where they will also be capable of finding the closest charging stations.

Ford is operating with Shell-based EV charging tech supplier Greenlots to convey various charging firms together for the initiative. While the firm did not list all the charging providers taking part, Ford claimed that Volkswagen-supported Electrify America will offer users access to DC fast chargers. These chargers can take a battery to 80% from 10% in almost 45 minutes.

The automaker is expecting that the charging network can assist quell possible users’ range concern in association with its home charging alternatives. All its EVs will have the Ford Mobile Charger, which is able to charge with a 240V or a 120V home outlet. Users can also select to receive the Ford Connected Charge Station that comes for an additional fee with connectivity features.

On a related note, the app-based car subscription service that associates with Uber, Fair, has decided to purchase a similar platform by Ford. The Santa Monica-located firm earlier declared that it has purchased Ford’s Canvas for an unnamed amount. Since a couple of years, Canvas provided variable-term rentals in San Francisco for Ford users, ultimately extending to Dallas and Los Angeles.

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