Bird Provides Scooter Credits When You Use Helmet While Riding

Bird Provides Scooter Credits When You Use Helmet While Riding

Scooter sharing firms have tried various methods of marketing use of helmet, but Bird is experimenting with a specifically direct way—good, old-mannered rewards. The service has launched a “Helmet Selfie” function that provides bonuses in return for clicking a pic of yourself at the end of your trip with a helmet. Computer vision detects the helmet automatically to keep users honest. The complete range of rewards is not accessible, but ride credits are included with them. You might get to ride more frequently just by defending your cranium, then.

The firm is motivating cities to apply Helmet Selfie by having a discussion.

For that reason, Bird will assist you find the helmet you require. It is rolling out a worldwide Safety Marketplace that will provide a “curated” combination of safety gear and helmets. If you are not certain what gear to get or just do not need to traipse all over town to get it, this can make your shopping significantly simpler.

There is a pragmatic reason for the firm to act like this, certainly. The attention of Local governments to scooter regulation stays high, and that has worsened whenever there is an error or other security glitch that places users at risk. Whatever Bird invests on ride credits and other perks might pay dividends if it keeps the firm out of issue. On the other hand, it is still advantageous—it may be valuable if it gets even a few individuals to use a helmet on future rides.

On a related note, using hurricane-force winds, electric scooters can shortly begin terrorizing more than just city roads. The City of Miami requested electric scooter firms to gather their bikes out of fear the vehicles can turn into flying projectiles once the hurricane makes landfall, the media claimed earlier.

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