AT&T and Hearst Television dispute may lead to NFL playoff viewership loss

AT&T and Hearst Television dispute may lead to NFL playoff viewership loss

A dispute which has been going on between Hearst Television and AT&T over the fees of retransmission is going to impact the customers of DirectTV in the area of Louisville who are hoping that they will get to watch the playoff match on the Night of Saturday.

The two parties had failed to reach the deal on the night of Friday on consent agreement of retransmission had resulted of Hearst pulling the local broadcast stations in the 26 markets all around the country including the area of Louisville as per a news release of AT&T.

This impasse has also affected the Hearst stations on AT&T service of streaming.

This move has come only a few hours before the beginning of the postseason of NFL and a Wild Card matchup on Saturday which was between New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans on CBS.

The affiliate of CBS in the area of Louisville is owed by Hearst.

The customers who have DirectTV that has AT&T as their owners can watch the NFL game still but would need to be creative.

The spokeswoman of AT&T, Dawn Couch has said that the customers in the area can possibly switch their digital sets for receiving the over-the-air signal of WLKY.

Couch further said that they can also go to the website and also find out if it is available for the streaming locally in their area.

The match on Saturday is between Patriots and Titans at 8:15 pm.

Couch has said that the market which has been affected as the CBS station which is owned by Hearst in the Des Moines, Iowa.

As per AT&T, a lot of the ABC stations which are owned by Hearst in the market are not going to lose the NFL playoff

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