India tightens quality standard for mixed paper from United States

India tightens quality standard for mixed paper from United States

The largest market overseas of United States mixed paper, India has been tightening their standards for quality and reduced their volumes of import when it comes to the recycled fiber.

The mixed paper which is imported is going to be allowed 1% contamination at most and will be facing a lot more inspections rigorously as per the reports.

This move is going to threaten the closure of a significant outlet for mixed paper in United States. From the month of January till the month of November 2019, the latest month where the figures had been made available. India had imported 1 million shorter tons of the mixed paper form United States which is 41% less of all the mixed paper exports of United States. The next in terms of the volumes of import after India had been Canada where it brought in 253,000 short tons of the mixed paper in United States in 2019’s first 11 months.

India had increased their imports by a substantial margin after China had banned the mixed paper from entering into their country. However, with the other countries seeing greater levels of imports since China exited the market, India has also had a lot of the problems with the imported loads. This had recently come up with the contamination cases which were high-profile.

In the previous years’ fall, the advocates of environment had released the findings which said that there were dozens of the paper bales which had been sent form the United States and had been rejected at the destination port but were re-exported elsewhere. There were reports tracked of 38 containers of the mixed paper which were contaminated with the materials like plastic and other non-fiber materials.

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