Lattes and other sugar drinks increase diabetes risk, study reveals

Lattes and other sugar drinks increase diabetes risk, study reveals

The chances of type-2-diabetes might get reduced by changing what you drink. As per a recent study, people who intake sugary drinks are more prone to become diabetic in upcoming future. During the study scientists gave 192,000 participants sugary beverages for a time period of 26 years and they made an assessment of their health at a regular interval of 4 years.

As per the researchers people who consumed sugary beverages or fruit juice had 16% higher chances to get type-2-diabetes. Researchers are frustrated to note that even though obesity rate is all time high they prefer to consume sugary drinks every other day.

While making a conversation with the press Alexis Elliott stated that it is still unclear why people want to consume most calories via sugary drinks when they can eat something. Elliott also stated that though people know that sugar is unhealthy for their body, but they do not know how much sugar they are taking with every soda can.

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Elliott further explained that the main problem with fruit juice intake is that people do not get any nutrients or fibers as they get while consuming an apple. Human body can’t distinguish between the sugary water and apple juice, but it can clearly distinguish between 100% juice and fresh apple.

As per the research, it is concluded that people who consume ASBs more than often had 18% higher risk to get type-2-diabetes. The report further explained that ASB consumption should be dealt with caution as individuals who are already prone to diabetes might start to take diet drinks instead of sugary beverages and get surveillance biasness.

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In diet sodas aspartame is commonly used, though it does not raise sugar levels in the blood, it can affect the levels of Cortisol as well as insulin resistance. Experts suggested that people should consume more water instead of switching to diet drinks.

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