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IoT-Backed Building Management Systems Expected To Fuel Global Smart Building Market Growth

A smart building is something that utilizes automatic methods to regulate numerous building operations automatically like heating, ventilation, air conditioning, energy management, security, and other systems. These structures are fortified with several kinds of electronic components and smart devices like microchips, sensors, microprocessors, and microcontrollers to gather and process pertinent information and handle them to regulate the building’s operations automatically. This assists the building’s owner and facility managers to decrease the use of energy, facilitate best use of building space, increase performance, enhance level of comfort, and decrease environmental degradation.

The major factor propelling the growth of the global smart building market is the growing implementation of IoT-supported building management systems. Further, the increasing mindfulness among the citizens regarding space usage because of the growing population is also expected to drive the market expansion in the years to come. Moreover, the rising energy prices and environmental worries like pollution and carbon emissions are anticipated to fuel the growth of the global smart building market during the forecast period. The rising industry criteria and rules for building construction is also projected to boost the market expansion. In addition, the unceasingly increasing requirement for energy-efficient building solutions around the world is surging the demand within the market.

Rising smart city trends within the budding economies are also expected to boost the global smart building market growth. Furthermore, the mounting initiatives by government for smart infrastructure globally will also drive the market expansion. Nonetheless, the high primary expenditure needed for putting up a smart building is the key factor expected to hamper the global smart building market growth.

Also, several market players are launching new products and implementing several strategies to set a firm foot in the market. To cite, in March 2019, ICR-3211B, a Verizon-licensed LTE Cat-M1 router, was launched by Advantech Co., Ltd. The ICR-3211B router is the foremost product introduced in the United States from the new ICR-3200 router line of Advantech. These 2 routers are the best choice for energy management, building automation, and remote SCADA applications.

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