Away Co-founder To Retain Her Position As CEO Of The Company

Away Co-founder To Retain Her Position As CEO Of The Company

In a major last-minute turn of events, the co-founder of luggage-makers Away, Steph Korey, decided to share the CEO position with Lululemon COO Stuart Haselden instead of handing over the CEO position to him and becoming the executive chairman of the company’s board. Originally, effective 13th, Korey was expected to step aside and pave way for Haselden to become the CEO of the company. However, a late realisation that the plan was wrong and the company needed her leadership prompted the company to decide that Korey will be the Co-CEO of the company alongside Haselden.

In a statement given out to The Times, Korey has stated that Away has let inaccurate reporting affect the timeline for company’s transition plans. Originally, Haselden was supposed to join Away as COO before taking over as CEO to make the company public. However, a member of the board of directors was reportedly trying to work with vendors which meant that the original transition would have led to a lot of confusion in the company’s operations. Korey was accused of creating a toxic work environment in the company with her approach. Despite the current turn of events, she is expected to handover the CEO position of the company to Haseldendown the line.

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Talking of Steph Korey, the co-founder of Away, had stepped in December followingaccusations of her approach creating a negative work environment within the company. She later stated she regrets letting the “social media mob” force her into taking the decision. It all began with The Verge publishing stories against her. Korey even stated that the company has hired a new team of lawyers who will probably claim charges of defamation. When does the new law firm file a lawsuit for her remains to be seen.

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