Breakthrough in CDC vaping illness investigation: Vitamin E acetate linked to THC may be to blame

Breakthrough in CDC vaping illness investigation: Vitamin E acetate linked to THC may be to blame

Scientists have made a remarkable breakthrough as they are saying that they might have found out the ultimate fuelling factor behind the various lung-related vaping illness. Vitamin E acetate which is used as an additive in THC and other vaping products could be the cause behind so many deaths in the US, according to US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

Dr Anne Schuchat,   the principal deputy director of the CDC, it is a significant founding but has to be confirmed using more tests and research. She said that she does not rule out other ingredients although. That means that the doctors are still unsure of the main cause although one of the items behind the vaping diseases might just have been identified.

The CDC said that it found vitamin E acetate samples from 29 patients who were sick with vaping related diseases in 10 different states. THC which is used as the main addictive component of cannabis plants or its metabolites was found in 23 patients out of 28. Nicotine metabolites were found in 16 patients out of 26.

In September health officials found that the cause of vaping illness which was severe in nature was caused due to vitamin E acetate in cannabis containing vaping products. At that time investigators identified as a key focus.

Till the investigation is completed CDC told everyone to avoid all types of vaping related products with THC. Many vaping products were purchased online or received from friends and family rather than being purchased from the authorized THC shops.

Vitamin E is also used in cosmetic products and is extremely sticky in nature. But there is a significant difference between applying it on the skin and inhaling the oily vitamin. The vitamin generally sticks to lung walls but does not hangs around for too much time.

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