Climate change: Met Office says the warming trend will continue in 2020

Climate change: Met Office says the warming trend will continue in 2020

Experts are saying that the warming trend will continue next year and the global temperatures are expected to rise by more than 1 degree since the pre-industrial levels.

According to the Met Office, the next year is likely going to be 1.11 degrees Celsius warmer than the average between 1850-1900. If it turns out to be true it will be the sixth continuing year in a row when the temperatures reach a new record level.

Scientists say that the rise in temperatures every year is due to global warming which is increasing due to the emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

2015 was the first year when the temperatures soared above the one degree level compared to the pre-industrial era. Each of the following years since then has seen the average mean temperature close to or over this mark.

The warmest on record was 2016. But the cause of it being the hottest year on record since the pre-industrial days was due to the strong El Nino effect which made a significant role in the rise of temperature.

According to the officials at the Met office, the chances of an El Nino effect in 2020 are low. They have forecasted the temperatures next year to be 0.99 to 1.23 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial days.  The main factors that will be controlling this will be the CO2 emissions by the factories and automobiles and the other gases that also cause a warming effect.

Natural events like the El Nino are rare and they might give a false idea about the rise in temperature. In the absence of any natural phenomenon, we can see the picture more clearly. According to the experts and environmentalists the emission levels of CO2 this year have raised slightly despite the less use of coal.

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