First Virtual Power Plant In The World All Set To Run In Utah

First Virtual Power Plant In The World All Set To Run In Utah

A revolutionary solution for solar energy will be completed by the end of 2019, and its developers say it might rank as the biggest virtual power plant in the US. This plant will be first of its kind.

Soleil Lofts is an under-development luxury apartment building in Utah. It declared this week that it will host the biggest renewable energy setup, which will be first of its kind. The 600-unit building, a mixture of 1-to-3-BHK apartments, will sport 5 megawatts of solar panels. Every unit will also host a battery (named as Sonnen EcoLinx) to amass the energy, mutually offering 12.6 megawatt-hours of energy storage.

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Virtual power plants can provide a plan for how to launch solar energy on a bigger platform. The conventional grid setup consists of a huge power plant that offers power to a number of smaller houses. On the other hand, in a virtual solar power plant all those houses store and generate energy. The power is then shared all over the society as it is required, and the battery makes sure that it will always be accessible even when it is during midnight. It’s scalable, there’s no single point of failure, and the entire region benefits irrespective of their home’s capability of contributing.

On a related note, a floating dairy farm is all ready to run in the Netherlands. The farm operates completely on solar power and uses electric cars to transfer the feed. The aptly dubbed Floating Farm is situated close to the heart of Rotterdam, the house of largest port in the Europe. The 1,200-square-meter (0.3-acre) farm creates 600 Liters (159 Gallons) of milk daily, with the help of 32 Meuse Rhine Issel cows. The cows have a pathway to meander all over a close by field.

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