Flu a lot more deadly than the coronavirus

Flu a lot more deadly than the coronavirus

As the coronavirus is ravaging a lot of the areas of China and the world leaders are rushing for closing their borders for the protection of the citizens from outbreaks, this flu has been killing 10,000 quietly in the United States this far in the season of influenza.

A minimum of 19 million people have been coming down with flu in United States with as many as 180,000 people ending up in hospital as per the CDC. The season of flu which had started in the month of September and may run until the month of May, has been currently at their peak as well as posing a greater threat to health for the United States than the coronavirus, as per the physicians. This new virus which had emerged first in Wuhan on the 31st of December had been sickened close to 17, 400 and had killed as many as 362 people majorly in the country in the morning of Monday.

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In United States, there is a real fear on the basis of media and has been something new. The experts have said that when in reality, the people are taking the measures of protecting themselves against flu which is now here and is prevalent having killed as many as 10,000 people.

The outbreak of coronavirus, though has been proving to be deadlier than this flu has only killed only 2% of the people who have contracted the flu thus far as per the health officials.

The experts though say that the case is still tough in comparison to the fatality of the seasonal flu.

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Flu is a lot more significant as a killer of people than coronavirus.