German Brands Mercedes Benz and BMW working on lower priced cars

German Brands Mercedes Benz and BMW working on lower priced cars

The German brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz along with Audi had built the reputation which they have right now due to the precise engineering cars which they had to go with their luxurious interiors and the technology which is cutting-edge and more than anything a price which is extremely high. However they have increasingly been selling the cars which have prices which may be very average.

They seem to have this quest of growing volumes and reaching a bigger chunk of the car market, as the brands which had once catered to higher ends of the auto market of America which are churning out a lot of cheaper and smaller models. This is one ongoing experiment which might in the past not worked out very well. Mercedes-Benz and BMW have on a lot of different occasions tried to offer the cars which are lower priced with the hope of luring of the less wealthy and younger buyers into the fold and turning it into the loyal and satisfied customers for their life.

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Some of these bets have however included the compact 318ti and the 320 sport coupe of Mercedes Benz which have not lasted. There is an attempt to try this again and again by the luxury and premium automakers as they are planning to again try the lower range out.

Increase in the sales of these cars have been selling the overall has been a major goal for the automakers and it has been very important now as the companies have been facing with their need to make the bigger investments in the newer and more expensive technology with the little near term benefit which is particularly in electrification.

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