HBO Max To Cost $14.99, To Be Free Upgrade For HBO Now Users

HBO Max To Cost $14.99, To Be Free Upgrade For HBO Now Users

After some time of posting content for the new service HBO Max and displaying how its apps operate, execs disclosed that the cost when it rolls out in May 2020 will be $14.99 monthly. If you are an AT&T user with HBO, then it will be comprised for free, while mobile, TV, and internet package users will also get access for free. You will sign in with the similar AT&T credentials employed for your other accounts, and it will load automatically the app on AT&T Android handsets.

It is also a free update if you enroll to HBO Now—but only if you get it squarely from HBO. If you enroll to the streaming platform via a 3rd party you might require switching to receive the additional stuff.

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The same applies for cable users who enrolled to HBO but do not receive their Internet and TV from AT&T. An FAQ on the website for HBO Max claims “stay tuned for additional info as we get nearer to our roll out date.” On the basis of that data, it appears likely to work out such as HBO Go access, as a perk the firm provides if your cable user selects to play ball—and if they do not, then settling for less with “normal” HBO or selecting all-in to streaming the service will be your only choice.

On a related note, after Apple TV+ and Disney+ rollout, the next huge new streaming platform will be HBO Max. This week at a presentation, AT&T disclosed the service will roll out in May 2020, comprising the “complete HBO library and service,” along with exclusive original content and a “choice slate” of library and acquired programming. The firm also claimed that it will stop “burn and binge” by lunching new series on a weekly basis, with plans for 50 new shows by the conclusion of its initial year.

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