Man dies due to licking of dog causing an infection

Man dies due to licking of dog causing an infection

A German man has died and for this death, his dog is being blamed. The dog had not bitten or attacked the man in any manner however the dog did lick the man. This provides an important warning for the owners of pets.

The man had gone first to his doctor after he had experienced fever for three days and also difficulty in breathing. The condition had continued to worsen as the staff of the medical facility attempted at determination of the source of the systems. Eventually the doctors were able to narrow down to the licking of his pet which was a dog.

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The man caught an infection which is caused by bacteria which is commonly present in pets and can lead to human infection. It is rare that such an infection can occur but it usually does occur after a bite. The infection happens in people who have immune systems that are compromised. This is being called an odd because the man was healthy and the dog had merely licked the individual.

When the doctors had detected bacteria they had boosted his antibiotics which the man was already on for four days. His health continued to get worse and his infection began spreading all over the body and took his limbs which led to a death of tissues in his legs and arms. The brain began swelling to and there was a cut off in the blood flow from a few organs. The family and their doctors had decided to stop treatment and the man died 16 days post the beginning of his treatment.

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The medical practitioners have emphasized that it should be warning which the owners of pets and doctors should pay heed to.