Marijuana advocates call for changing of federal rules.

Marijuana advocates call for changing of federal rules.

The advocates of marijuana have been seizing on the recent vaping illness outbreak for renewing their calls to clear the rules which have been federally imposed on cannabis.

The health officials have been pointing to the THC products in the black market as a major possible culprit of a mysterious illness which has been associated with vaping which has caused over 2000 people to become sick all across United States and caused a minimum of 39 deaths.

The advocates have argued that the regulations over marijuana which include changing the rules for allowance of better and more research is going to ensure safety for people.

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The spokesperson of National Cannabis Roundtable, Terry Holt has said that the black market is going to be addressed only by a legal market which is viable and regulated which can promise security and safety for the consumers.

As per the latest update from the CDC, the products which contain THC, particularly the ones which are coming from informal sources like family, friends of the online dealers are linked to majority of these cases and are playing a significant role in this outbreak.

The CDC officials on Friday zeroed in on vitamin E acetate as an agent which might be behind the illness. As per the experts, it has been used in the illegal, unrelated vaping products for the dilution of THC oil for the maximization of profits.

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The organization has said that vitamin E acetate is a potential strong culprit for causing these illnesses which are related to vaping. However, the officials have also said that there might be more causes of the illness too which they can’t rule out just yet.

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