Material consumption increasing at a fast rate

Material consumption increasing at a fast rate

The material which has been consumed by the humanity overall has in numerical terms crossed 100bn tons every year as per a report but the proportion of the material that is recycled is seeing a fall.

The wildlife and climate emergencies have been driven by the extraction of the fossil fuels which are unsustainable and also the unsustainable extraction of the trees, building materials and metals. The authors of the report have warned that if the resources of the world are considered limitless, we are going to head towards a disaster globally.

The materials which are used by the economies globally have seen 4 times increase since the year 1970 and this is a lot faster than the population has increased. In the past two years, there has been a jump in the consumption by over 8% however the reuse of the resources has gone down to a level of 8.6% from 9.1%.

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The report also shows that on an average, a person on this Earth is using over 13 tons of material every year. However, the report has also found that a few of the nations are making their push towards the renewable energy and reduction of pollution and waste to zero.

The experts are saying that the global risk of a disaster is going to be there in case the resources of the world are treated the way they are being treated and the governments must act immediately in adopting the solutions of renewable energy for achieving a better life quality for close to 10 billion people who are going to be there in the middle of the century without harming the process of the planet.

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