Mercury to be visible in the next week as it passes between Sun and Earth

Mercury to be visible in the next week as it passes between Sun and Earth

The planet Mercury is expected to be visible next week as it parades across the sun and in the view of majority of the world.

The innermost and smallest planet of the solar system is going to resemble a small black dot on Monday as it is going to pass directly between the sun and earth.

The event which is going to be as long as 5 and a half hours is going to be visible if the weather permits in Canada, United States, and all of South and Central America. The other parts of North America, Africa and Europe will be able to catch this partly while Australia and Asia are not going to be able to see it.

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Unlike its transit in the year 2016, Mercury is going to practically pass near the centre of the sun.

The next transit of Mercury is not going to happen until the year 2032 and the North American continent is not going to get the opportunity to view it until the year 2049. The people on earth only get to watch 13 or 14 transits of Mercury in one century.

The spectacle is going to be seen with proper protection for eyes on Monday as proper binoculars and telescopes that have solar filters are going to be recommended for use by the experts.

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