Microsoft’s New AI Called The Project Artemis To Fight Online Child Predators

Microsoft’s New AI Called The Project Artemis To Fight Online Child Predators

Microsoft has taken its commitment to online child safety to the next level as it announced the development of Project Artemis, a new AI technology that will track potentially dangerous child grooming online. The company has joined hands with quite a few other tech companies including The Meet Group and Robflox for the development of Project Artemis.The new AI technology’s development is sponsored by two organisations; the weProtect Global Alliance, a non-profit organization, andthe Child Dignity Alliance, a foundation funded by the Human Dignity Foundation.

In a blog from Microsoft, JacquelineBeauchere explains how Microsoft’s engineering team is dedicated to developing a working prototype of the AI which will detect grooming of children in online chats. The team has worked on a number of text conversations to come up with a tool that can identify and flag potentially dangerous conversations. The announcement underlines the vows taken up at Hackathon by a number of tech companies, many of whom have contributed on the project. Apart from the engineering team, there will be two more teams working on the project; an operations team that will work on making online child endangerment a priority for law enforcement and a legal team that will work on presenting the roadblocks that could hinder the use of detection algorithms.

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Talking of new launches from Microsoft, the company is all set to roll out the new version of its Edge browser with a logo that will look a lot less like the Internet Explorer’s logo. The company is aiming to roll out the browser with a number of features targeting the corporate consumers. The new logo for the Edge browser in more in line with Microsoft Office Suite. The new browser will be based on Chromium.

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