NEC To Add Six New Energy Storage Projects With Capacity Of Over 20 MW

NEC To Add Six New Energy Storage Projects With Capacity Of Over 20 MW

A Massachusetts-based advanced batteries-manufacturing company, NEC Energy Solutions has recently declared its six new energy storage projects with the capacity of over 20 MW at different metropolitan power stations. The recently announced projects are located in the different states under New England, US. The projects are based on the prototype of the Sterling Municipal Light Department, which was installed around two years back. The project is highly economical that has saved over $1 Million of taxpayers on their energy bills. These new energy storage systems would slash the transmission and storage charges.

The latest contracted project signed by NEC with the Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant (TMLP) would be the largest energy storage system among the existing systems in New England till date. Under the project, TMLP will control the Grid Storage Solution (GSS) from its pre-established Cleary-Flood Generating Station. The system surroundings at the station are regulated continuously. Through this new project, TMLP will also reduce storage and transmission costs, and support its taxpayers with higher savings in the coming years.

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NEC is collaborating with MMWEC (Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company) for its three projects in three metropolitan cities of Massachusetts (Wakefield, Ashburnham, and Templeton). NEC’s three projects employ Massachusetts Wholesale Electric Company’s peak load forecasting system and remote dispatch program.

On a related note, Elon Musk plans to modify its electrical utilities, for which he is seeking support from his 28 Million followers to drive the Megapack, Tesla’s latest product, which will replace the existing peaker plants.

Launched last month, Megapack is the latest energy storage device designed by Tesla, after the Powerwall and Powerpack. To date, the new energy storage device is the superior option for huge electric utility projects to store the bulk energy. Tesla’s Single grid battery has the storage capacity of up to three MWh.

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