Nintendo Looks For Bendable Switch Controllers, Files Patent

Nintendo Looks For Bendable Switch Controllers, Files Patent

It seems that Nintendo is worried that the Joy-Con controllers of its Switch may not be sufficiently flexible. The firm lately filed for a patent on Joy-Cons having hinges that might allow the first half “bend” to offer an extra ergonomic grip. This might work irrespective of the fact that controllers are connected—side ends might allow you slide them on to the rails of the device.

There do not seem to be any modifications to the feature further than that—the biggest alteration might be a supple circuit board.

It is far from sure that the firm will impose this in a future console or the Switch. This is the US edition of a global patent from February last year, and so far the Switch Lite is the biggest alteration that places the controllers in position. This is not essentially proof of a “pro” Switch or different edition. However, it is sure that Nintendo is still seeking for methods to renovate the Joy-Con design, and it would not be fully surprising to see this in the future at some point.

On a related note, the addition of SNES tiles by Nintendo to the Switch Online list follows with a gotcha: they will not essentially come at a steady speed. In synchronization with a mention on its Japanese site, Nintendo has verified to the media that its SNES and NES launches “will not follow a normal schedule” moving forward. That does not essentially mean you will go without new titles for long periods, to be sure—you just should not hope for retro games to appear similar to clockwork.

The firm did not clarify why it is shifting its plan, even though it might be a mixture of avoiding conflicts and a more proven selection. While Switch Online does not have completely every retro game that users might want, it now has a decent portfolio.

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