Study says, flu and cold will not attack you at the same time

Study says, flu and cold will not attack you at the same time

Apparently, according to the outcomes of a recent study, which has analyzed results of vital test of nearly 44,000 patients in Scotland among the year 2005-2013, one person will not undergo flu and cold at the same time. As per the sources, the study was printed in The Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences. Dr. Pablo Murcia, who is author of the study said that, it was clear that rhinovirus, (which causes usual cold) and flu interact in a negative manner. When a lot of flue is found in the entire population, there has to be little rhinovirus, and its opposite is also applicable.

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Sema Nickbakhsh, who is lead author of the study said that, it may be explained by the study in a better way why flu and cold does not arrive in diverse seasonal peaks, which are repeated statistically every year. She said that, every winter, when flu peaks, the cold virus declines simultaneously. Also, cold virus peaks in autumn and the spring when it is declined by flu. Every individual undergoing the study was examined for eleven different flu and cold viruses, hence permitting researchers to demonstrate the linkage occurred on both, the wider population and a discrete host level.

Dr. William Schaffner said that, if it is true, then it is going to be very interesting. He added that, according to him, what is been said is that, an inflammatory response is initiated by virus 1 and then it acts as a barrier to virus 2. A total of virus possessing negative and positive impacts on one another were found by the study of Glasgow, but only at the wider level of population. But it is still not clear why it actually happens. Nickbakhsh said that, they may have the similar seasonal climate or preferencesand temperature situations favored by them.

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