The Stock Markets In Asia Saw An Upsurge; Face-to-face Talks To Take Place In Washington

The Stock Markets In Asia Saw An Upsurge; Face-to-face Talks To Take Place In Washington

Friday saw a rally in the stocks with the continuous hope for a breaking of the trade war between USA and China. Hang Seng in Hong Kong rose 0.3 % at the market open after it gained post the losses it had on Thursday, Nikkei in Japan also saw a jump of close to 1%. Chinese and South Korean markets were closed due to holidays.

With the hope of resolution being reached on the trade war between USA and China, the stock markets in Asia saw an upsurge. Face-to-face talks likely to take place in Washington. There is positivity among the investors in the wake of the trade negotiations between the two largest economies in the world that is likely to happen in the upcoming weeks. Both the countries have been showing signs in the past few days that they are willing to ease the tensions between the two companies.

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On Thursday, President of United States, Donald Trump had said while speaking to the media that while he would be more interested in a whole deal with China when it comes to trade, he maintained that there was a possibility of a small deal happening.

The advisers of Trump have been floating prospects of a small deal that allows both the sides to reach an agreement on the issues which can be resolved easily and leave the subjects like currency manipulation which are debatable to later talks.

The two countries are anticipated to have a meeting soon in Washington for direct talks.

Investors are looking forward to more stimulus prospects from the Central Bank after the Central Bank of Europe said on Thursday that it would be cutting the rate of interests and engineering it to 0.5% in the negative.

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