United States might acquire stake in Nokia or Ericsson.

United States might acquire stake in Nokia or Ericsson.

The government of United States may be going to acquire a stake in Ericsson or Nokia for stemming the threats which are posed by Huawei of China in 5G. The CEO of AT&T is not thinking that this is going to happen though. The CEO named Randall Stephenson has said that it is not a good idea at all as he notes that the government does not really have a good record in the past when it is investing in the private and public companies.

The top executive of AT&T is not going to respond to the suggestion which had been floated in the week by William Barr who is the Attorney General of United States. Barr has said that the United States, either directly or in the form of consortium of the American as well as the allied companies may purchase the stake of control in the Ericsson or Nokia for the access of securing equipment of 5G. He has said that there is a move which might have blunt the rise of Huawei and China in space.

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The shares of Nokia and Ericsson had spiked on these comments and one of the major shareholders of Ericsson has said that the firm must be open for action

Though, Stephenson has dismissed this idea that the investment of Untied States into Nokia and Ericsson is going to help the matters. Rather, he has said that the better way for the United States for handling the situation is going to encourage software innovation.

The comments which have lined up with another proposal which has been coming from Larry Kudlow who is an economic adviser from White House.

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