A study discovers the age at which meaning of life is discovered

A study discovers the age at which meaning of life is discovered

The meaning of life is a question that is asked by everyone and most people are perpetually searching for an answer to this question. The scientist might have now finally found out the age at which the purpose of life actually becomes clear. The knowledge of the answer to this question is something that can act as a relief for the mental and physical health. There is a study which says that humans perpetually thrive to arrive at a sense of purpose about their lives.

The interviews which had been conducted with as many as 1,043 people who were aged above 21 years and had gone up to over 100 years old has revealed that the people usually tend to feel that their lives have meaning once they reach the age of 60. This is the age at which the search for the meaning of life is at the lowest and the existence of the presence of life it at the highest as per the research which had been published in this week.

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The search also said that the people who are in their 20s and are searching for the meaning of life do not actually have to be disheartened by the results of this release as the study also says that the search for meaning of life is normal in the early years and even post 60 this search actually never ends and people usually end up readjusting to something they feel gives them purpose.

A few of the experts have said that the search for this meaning of life is different for different people however it ultimately boils down to just a few things.

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