A Ring camera system gets used by hackers to threaten children.

A Ring camera system gets used by hackers to threaten children.

The Forney family had a horrifying moment when a person who was unknown began to terrorize their children with a system of Ring camera which had been hacked.

 The incident had taken place on the night of Wednesday in the neighborhood of Devonshire. The family has said that an unknown person had begun talking to their two children by using their Ring cameras which were around their house and this person threatened the children with a lot of racial profanities and slurs.

As the children began screaming and becoming afraid the hackers started to laugh.

The family has said that the have the system of Ring camera because they can watch the kids after school and before the time they get back home from their work. However what they thought is going to be a safety net for their family horrifically turned into a moment for their kids that was alarming.

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The moment startled the kids when a person who was a complete stranger started to harass them through the camera system. The threat of the stranger had sent the two kids running around their house.

The camera voice began to yell racial abuses at these kids as they began to run outside although they were visibly shaken.

This hacker kept on taunting them using the multiple cameras which were around this house.

These hackers had even been able to set the alarm systems off a lot of times. In the midst of this chaos, a neighbor came to help and had drawn a gun as he checked on the kids but the hacker would go on to threaten them as well.

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The reports have been confirmed by the local constable as well as the sergeant.