Amazon CEO alleges Saudi Arabia Crown Prince of hacking his phone

Amazon CEO alleges Saudi Arabia Crown Prince of hacking his phone

If it had not been for the impeachment, the biggest story of the country is going to be the allegations that have been levied against Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia had hacked to the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos’ phone.

This is going to be the nominal leader of an ally of the Americans spying on one of the heads of the largest companies in America, who are doubling the owners of one of the most influential outlets of media of America.

The investigators of United Nations had concluded with the medium to high level confidence that the Crown Prince had sent Bezos a file which had a video through the WhatsApp messenger which included a code which had secretly developed by the software of spy maker, NSO group.

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Their result had been a major, colossal and many months of extraction of data, beginning at the time Jamal Khashoggi had been alive still and writing criticism about the country for the Washington Post which is owned by Jeff Bezos. It had been denied by Saudi Arabia.

This had been done allegedly via this app that had been used by the crown prince for reportedly using the communication with the aide of the White House of Jared Kushner.

Facebook had in the month of October last year sued the NSO Group for providing allegedly the tools which had enabled this type of the hack. Microsoft and Apple have also invested together or pledged the co-investment with the government of Saudi Arabia in the vision fund of SoftBank.

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At that time of the hack allegedly, NSO Group had been owned by the equity firm known as Francisco Partners, whose investors had included a few of the largest corporate pension funds and public funds of America.