Stock Markets fall on the Tuesday morning

Stock Markets fall on the Tuesday morning

The futures of Dow Jones have fallen on the morning of Tuesday as well as the futures of S&P 500 as well as the Nasdaq futures after there was a sell off on the markets of Asia of the coronavirus of China and a downgrade of Hong Kong.

The biggest test next has been scheduled for the stock which is running fast at a rally of the market is the season of earnings, with the stocks of Netflix and the Instruments stock of the Texas in the focus on the night of Tuesday.

The market of stock has seen a rally run on the optimism for the growth stronger in the year 2020 from Facebook, Netflix, Apple, Alphabet and and a chip industry recovery at a broader level.

Netflix is going to report the results of fourth quarter on this Tuesday showing impacts of Disney’s service of streaming, Disney + and at a lesser extent Apple +. The Texas Instruments are going to announce it on Tuesday and ASML, Teradyne, Intel, Skyworks Solutions and STMicroelectronics later this week.

Earlier on Tuesday, the TAL Education had reported the earnings of mixed in-line and a weaker guidance of revenue. The fellow school operator in New Oriental Education & Technology had reported the accelerating revenue and earnings growth earlier on Monday, which was easily beating the Q2 fiscal views. However, both of the stocks had sold off on early this Tuesday, partly due to the concerns about the outbreak of coronavirus.

The guidance and earnings are going to be a catalyst for the growth of stocks and the broader stocks rally of the market. The overnight action is not going to become an actual trading in the session of the stock markets.

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