Children who watch TV regularly run the risk of being obese.

Children who watch TV regularly run the risk of being obese.

Among the habits as a lifestyle which have an influence on the risk of being obese and overweight in the children, the television viewing has been said to be the worse by the latest research. The lead of author of this research RowaedhBawaked has said that the identification of the habits which have been linked to obesity and being overweight at an early age can help them in the prevention of these conditions and the conditions which are caused due to them like the diseases which are caused in the adulthood related to the metabolism and cardiovascular issues.

The researchers had conducted an analysis of five habits of the lifestyle which were time of sleeping, the amount of time they watched television, consumption of food that is plant based and the consumption of food that is processed The children who were not very active and were spending most of their time watching television at the age of four had a bigger risk of being obese and also had been vulnerable to the metabolic syndrome at an age of seven years as per the findings.

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The researchers had also made a measurement of the time that had been spent by children on other activities which did not require much movement like drawing, reading and puzzle solving. However the activities have not been associated with being obese as much as television. The co-leader of the study has said that Television brings with it a lot of advertisement for the food that is processed an unhealthy and the children can easily get attracted to it thereby prompting the children to consume such products like processed foods etc.

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