China ambassador says exclusion of Huawei will lead to consequences.

China ambassador says exclusion of Huawei will lead to consequences.

The ambassador for China in Berlin has given fuel to a fresh controversy related to the controversial Chinese tech giant Huawei after it had threatened Germany with consequences if the tech company had been excluded.

The comments of Wu Ken in which he had pointed to the Chinese market’s importance to the vehicle industry of Germany came at the time of the role of this company in building networks of 5G. The United States have warned that these may pose a threat to the security of a nation.

The government of Chancellor Angela Merkel has been accused from all quarters of being soft and bowing down to the pressure from China after she ruled out the possibilities of banning Huawei from the 5G network of the country.

Lawmakers who are from her ruling coalition have been seeking a decision which overrides this stance of Angela Merkel with a bill that is going to impose a ban on the 5G vendors which are not trustworthy however they did not name Huawei explicitly.

The ambassador on Saturday has said that if Germany is going to take a decision which leads to the exclusion of Huawei from the markets of Germany, there are going to be consequences as the government of China is not going to just watch idly.

Wu in an event has said that it was important that the companies from China were not being discriminated against and had insisted that Huawei had no obligation of handing any data over to the Beijing authorities.

His comments on the car industry have been perceived by everyone as a threat as it is going to hugely affect the economy of Germany.

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