Companies to provide free Wi-Fi for the coming 60 days

Companies to provide free Wi-Fi for the coming 60 days

The wireless providers and internet service providers have been announcing the temporary measures for making the internet services very less expensive and onerous as the enforced distancing socially because of the forces of the new coronavirus forces a lot more interaction online.

The most significant and notable among the free Wi-Fi in public for every 60 days effective from Saturday. The major areas of metropolitan are thick with the hotspots of Comcast known as Xfinity branded.

The move has been praised by the internet security experts from Stanford particularly Alex Stamos who tweeted saying Bravo Comcast.

The Xfinity hotspots which are home based are not a part of the free Wi-Fi as per the Joel Shadle who is a spokesman from Comcast as per the Joel Shadel but the access points of Wi-Fi in the public locations and at the small businesses. The Charter Communications and AT&T has also made an announcement of the free public internet for two months with Charter also offering the free broadband for households that have the college and school going students.

Verizon was one of the several providers who had also announced the moratorium on the late fee and also disconnections. T-Mobile had also made an announcement that it is going to provide the unlimited data of smartphones to all of their subscribers.

Cox has said that it is going to increase the speeds on the low cost plans of broadband and Sprint also said that it is going to provide unlimited data for close to 60 days among the other changes.

There are other companies which announced the same this Thursday and there were some which also lifted the data caps.

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