Companies looking to avoid the IPOs due to coronavirus

Companies looking to avoid the IPOs due to coronavirus

Investors in all likelihood are not going to get their fix for the companies which were newly public for a longer time and this is due to the financial turmoil that is caused by the coronavirus spreading. Apart from the logistical issues for the investment bankers who are unable to travel, the market volatility of this kind is scaring the companies off. The companies who want to raise their capital.

The IPO calendar is looking to be sparse in the year with a lot of companies such as Warner Music, Cole Haan, Madewell and Atotech pumping in the brakes. The IPO which is highly anticipated for the short term home rental company known as Airbnb has been said that it is intending to be going public in the year 2020. This may be shelved now as the coronavirus is denting the industry of travel and the recession which might slip into the recession.

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A report recently had said that Volatility from the outbreak of coronavirus has shut the IPO market in spring completely in all aspects. Below two months ago, the presidents of the NASDAQ and NYSE had said that 2020 had been poised to be a year which was going to be stronger for IPO market and a lot of interest has come from the companies which are looking to be tapping into the public markets in year’s first half. The interest had been there for the investors as well after the year 2019 panned out to be the good year for Initial Public Offers despite the outliers which made the headlines such as WeWork. Many companies such as the Levis, Uber had gone public in the last year.

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