Deaths due to cancer see reduction with improved technology

Deaths due to cancer see reduction with improved technology

The death rate due to Cancer in the United States has fallen by the most it ever has on record as there have been many advancements when it comes to the treatment of the lung tumors such as the surgery assisted by video and helped in the prolonging of lives of the patients.

The rate of mortality due to cancer has been declining gradually for as many as 26 years which can be attributed to the people giving up on the smoking cigarettes. However, from the year 2016 to 2017, which is the most recent available period, it has seen a significant drop of 2.2% which is the most it has ever been for one year as per a report that had been released on this Wednesday by the Cancer Society in America. This has bettered in comparison to the average decline of 1.5% which had taken place in this decade.

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This drop has translated to close to a reduction of 2.9 million cases of deaths which would have seen an occurrence had the rates of mortality been at their very peak. Specifically, for the lung cancer the rates have declined every year by 4.3% from the year 2013 till the year 2017.

The experts have said that this drop has at a large scale been driven by the drop in deaths of lung cancer. The authors say that the increase in the rates for survival for this cancer has been there at every single stage during the diagnosis.

Better treatment and the more precise radiation therapy along with the better scanning technology have been responsible for bringing the deaths down for the lung cancer.

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