Delta puts its focus on the use of technology

Delta puts its focus on the use of technology

In the address he gave, Ed Bastian has laid the focus out of the innovations of Delta being made in the field of travel experiences as he said that they are going to see the technology as one tool for furthering the mission that they have of connecting humans and thereby creating the opportunities. Their focus is not to chase any fancy objects or technologies for the sake of looking cool. He said that they were dedicated for the solving of the travel problems and making travels and lives much easier.

Airlines are moving ahead on a lot of the fronts for the provision of a travel experience that his more innovative. One of the major aspects of this is the integration of technology seamlessly into an experience.

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Parallel Reality is one new experience which is going to be launched by Delta in Detroit in 2020. As per this airline, this particular technology has been designed for the tailoring of an experience for the passenger at airports. It is going to use biometrics and is totally opt-in.

Passengers essentially can just look at the screen and see the information of travel which is unique for them. Delta is highlighting the information like the gate directions, final destination’s weather and the direction to the Sky Club in a particular language which is the choice of the passenger without needing any translation device.

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Close to 100 passengers are going to get to beta testing this at the Airport in the year. This large screen is going to be located only after the security at the airport which is located at Detroit. For using this the passengers are going to be needed to scan their boarding passes.

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