Manufacturing sector in America getting aggressive in the new year

Manufacturing sector in America getting aggressive in the new year

As there is a dawn of the new year in America, a lot of the manufacturing sectors in the nation have been experiencing a growth which is aggressive.

In the month of October, the largest manufacturers in the United States of solar panels, First Solar has made an announcement of the production at their second plant in the United States for a new factory worth $1 billion in Ohio, Lake Township which is going to employ as many as 500 workers. Approximately a dozen of the cell manufacturers and solar panel have been following the example of First Solar and has been launching the additional production based in the United States as well.

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In the month of November, Williams-Sonoma and Kitchenware has announced an increase of 6.4% in the increase of revenue of third quarter. A lot of this success has come from West Elm which is a new retail brand that has experienced sales in the fourth quarter of 14% in spite of the tariffs of 25% on most products which have bene sourced out of China. There have been commitments made by Williams-Sonoma for leaving China and opening the operations of manufacturing in United States and also adding the employees.

In the month of December, the largest steelmaker of America, Nucor has made an announcement that the addition of a coil paint line at Arkansas, Mississippi, mill will coat close to 250,000 tons every year of steel. The plant is going to add as many as 50 jobs at Arkansas which is joining the positions that this company is currently adding in Florida and Missouri. These are companies which are only a few of the examples of a trend that shows that the administration of Trump has been working.

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