Facebook Asked To Drop Its Encryption Plans Over Child Abuse Concerns

Facebook Asked To Drop Its Encryption Plans Over Child Abuse Concerns

Facebook began talks to bring in encrypted messaging for its three apps, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram last year, which has triggered a worldwide opposition from over 130 institutions asking Facebook to halt its plans as the move could make online child abuse easier. The institutions have asked Facebook chief, Mark Zuckerberg, to move ahead with the encryption plans only after there is a solution available to counter the possibility of child abuse. Facebook had announced to introduce encrypted messaging across all of its platform after the Cambridge Analytica data leak that raised some serious concerns over Facebook’s user data security.

129 non-profit organizations and academics from 102 countries have signed a letter asking Facebook to continue with its encryption plans only after it ensures that the child safety measures are not getting hit because of it. Facebook has been the initial platform for sex offenders to groom children before moving their conversation to a more scrupulous platform. The signatories are asking Facebook to ensure that a track is kept on these sex offenders who get caught currently if they send any sexually offensive text or image to children on Facebook Messenger. Facebook has often lent a helping hand when it comes to child safety online. David Miles, Facebook’s head of security for Africa, Europe, and Middle East, assured that the company is working with experts to keep child security the same while bringing in encrypted messaging.

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Talking about Facebook’s concern for the society, the social media giant recently announced it will work harder to combat “vaccine misinformation” after a 4-year-old kid died of flu. The kid died after his mother, a member herself, followed advice given by other members of “Stop Mandatory Vaccination”, one of the biggest anti-vaccine groups on Facebook.

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