Reports show fall in American Whiskey exports to Europe

Reports show fall in American Whiskey exports to Europe

A new report has shown that in the year 2019, the exports of American whiskey to Europe has fallen by 27% as the European Union and United States have been continuously fighting over trade.

The standoff in trade has led to a tax of 25% on the American Whiskey in European Union. The distillers of Tennessee have said that they have been feeling the impacts of this trade dispute in a very unique way as over half of the spirit exports had been coming from this state.

The statistics say that the state represent 55% of the export of the spirits of this nation and this is a major figure according to the experts.

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The authorities and unions have been concerned about the situation of Tennessee as the Tennessee Distillers Guild which is a group that is made up of a lot of the whiskey makers all over the state feels that the reputation is at stake for the state which has been becoming very famous for their whiskey.

They have said that the reputation is something that is preceding them and anywhere they go on this planet they will be mentioning Jack Daniels when it comes to whiskey.

This new report has showed that this trade dispute which has been going on and the tariffs limited those who had an access to the spirits of Tennessee.

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They feel that the tariffs are something which are causing a financial loss and Jack Daniels has lost $125 million.

They further feel that it is not just bigger, the exporting distilleries for Europe is an even bigger hit for the shelves of America due to the tariffs.