Flu vaccines not available for elderly citizens who are more susceptible.

Flu vaccines not available for elderly citizens who are more susceptible.

There has been a shortage in this flu season of the vaccines for the elderly as the illness begins to rise. In one of the cases, a person had to go to three stores before the person could find the vaccine for his dad who is 91 years of age.

The shortage of one type of flu vaccine which requires a higher dosage has not been found in the people who are 65 years of age or more.

As per the people in Port Arthur Health Department, this shortage is happening as a result of the awareness among citizens about the importance of senior citizens’ need to be vaccinated.

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The experts have said that this vaccine is being needed for everyone irrespective of their age.

The assistant director of the health department, Latasha Mayon has said that it is imperative for the senior citizens to get themselves immunized against flu.

The senior citizens are more vulnerable as they are going to face the worst of the disease and the symptoms are going to be multiplied manifolds as they will not be treated a minimum with the shot.

This is happening because the elderly citizens have an immune system which is weaker than the rest and illnesses make them more likely to catch flu.

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Latasha Mayon has said that the elderly people have heart diseases or diabetes or lung problems and all of these coupled with flu might even turn out to be fatal for them.

This is the reason why a bigger dose of this vaccine has been recommended for the senior citizens.

Some experts have even said that the impact maybe four times a younger person and therefore the non-availability of the vaccine may prove to be dangerous.

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