Elon Musk shows of the capability of Starlink through twitter

Elon Musk shows of the capability of Starlink through twitter

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk who is known for being active on the social media twitter last night said that he was going to send out a tweet through the Starlink Satellite and then tweeted a few minutes later and expressed his happiness on the success of the experiment.

There are still a lot of years and many more satellites before the full functionality is achieved by Starlink of SpaceX’s internet constellation however Musk decided to participate in a test before time which apparently has turned out to be successful.

This is being considered impressive taking into consideration that the constellation presently just consists of 60 satellites of which three are not operational. In the month of May when a rocket had been deposited at the altitude of 400 kilometers, Musk had said that the system is not going to be of much use till this constellation reaches close to 400 units and also added that the significant operational capacity is not going to be achieved until 800 satellites are reached however some functionality is evidently existing with the tweet by Musk.

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After the system goes online at some stage during the year 2020 and the decade thereafter, Starlink will be providing low-cost internet hopefully to almost all the locations in the world. The cross-linked satellite which is parked in the low earth orbit is going to create a shell all around the earth which will provide internet access to the customers paying on the ground.

Musk has expected Starlink to be an option that is going to be viable economically at 1000 units. The company has planned to issue 12,000 satellites each of which has a weight of close to 500 pounds.

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