Google Rolls Out Car Crash Detection For Pixel Handsets In The US

Google Rolls Out Car Crash Detection For Pixel Handsets In The US

Google’s Pixel consumers in the US will shortly have access to car crash detection functions same as that to Uber RideCheck’s. Media has seen on Google Play an unexpected app dubbed as “Personal Safety,” which is defined as “an app for Pixel handsets that assists consumers stay secure and linked to emergency contacts and first responders.” The app can understand out if a consumer is in an accident based on their position—most likely if their car stopped moving suddenly—the sounds from their microphone and the readings from their motion sensors.

If it thinks that something’s not right, it will give an alarm at utmost volume and will ask if the consumer requires assistance. It will then dial 911 with the consumer’s location if they do not answer. They will also be offered a method to notify the correct responders without speaking, just by clicking any of the 3 options: Fire, Medical, or Police.

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Moreover, the app also allows consumers share their status and set emergency contacts in case of crash. It is not clear if the new application is linked to the built-in Emergency Information app of Android Q beta, but it appears to be accessible for download either way for Pixel handsets.

On a related note, when it rolled out alongside, one of the major selling points of Xbox One was voice control, offered though an updated Kinect unit. Kinect was swiftly removed, although, and Cortana & Alexa voice controls ultimately acted as a substitute. Now, Google Assistant consumers will be capable of yelling at their Xbox One, as well, due to a software upgrade launched last week.

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Employing Google Assistant to manage an Xbox One is easy: Just yell, “Hey Google, switch on Xbox” to a Google Assistant hardware or your handset and you will hear the device power up.

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