Legionnaires likely linked to hot tubs displayed at state fair in NC

Legionnaires likely linked to hot tubs displayed at state fair in NC

An outbreak of the disease called the Legionnaires’ disease in the North Carolina has struck more than hundred people. It has even left a person dead. As per officials, the disease may have links with hot tubs which were put on display inthe state fair.

More than 116 people out of the ones having worked at or visited the State Fair of N.C. Mountain in Fletcher tested positive to Legionnaires’, as per a statement which was released on Thursday by Department of Human and Health Services of the state. An additional count of eight people having attended the fair confirmed Pontiac fever cases, which is a milder version of this particular infection.

As per the health department of the state, a person has already died, with more than 80 others hospitalized. The fair was organized from Sep 6 to Sep 15. Health officials of the state have confirmed that a majority of the people who became sick happened to walk past hot tubs put on display at a center of events during the fair’s second half.

The Centers of Disease Prevention and Control has explained that Legionnaires’ refers to serious infection of the lungs,and caused when the Legionella bacteriagets spread through droplets of water inair and are subsequently, breathed in. It is possible to treat this disease using antibiotics. However, nearly one out of ten people diagnosed with this particular Legionnaires’ disease dies, as per the CDC. Those who are aged more than 50, people having weak immune systems and smokers are more prone to get the disease.

According to the CDC, a few symptoms when it comes to the Legionnaires’ may include muscle aches, coughs, difficulty in breathing, headaches and fever. Health officials of North Carolina have been urgingwhoare experiencing one or more of these particular symptoms and have visited the fair to visit their doctor.

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