Google To Invest $3 Billion In Europe To Enhance Its Data Center Presence

Google To Invest $3 Billion In Europe To Enhance Its Data Center Presence

Google has declared that they would be making a huge investment of $3.3 billion in order to widen their data center presence in Europe. Besides, the company has also promised the data centers to be environment friendly. This recent investment is the second, after the $7 billion investment during 2007 in EU. However, the announcement was directed towards building more data centers which operates on clean energy.

The CEO, Sundar Pichai has declared this new investment through a blog post. He cleared out the fact that the company has made the decision to operate these data centers on fuels that are carbon-free. He also said that he had been to Finland to discuss with Antti Rinne, the Prime Minister regarding bringing sustainable economic development but only with carbon-free future. The company has future plans to spend $3.3 billion out of which they would invest 600 million pounds to widen their space in Finland’s Hamina. He mentioned that it would stand as a solid structure of sustainability and efficient energy for the data centers. The company has also declared 18 new deals in renewable energy during this week. This would accumulate about 1600 megawatts in Europe, South America and U.S.

Pichai also wrote in the blog post that the recent projects of data center in Europe would also consist of few projects that had been announced earlier. The company is providing immense help by making investment in new skills training. Therefore, the people would now have access to tools to get in ease with new kind of jobs which the highly technical jobs and data centers would want. The company has boasts of training approximately 5 million in Europe without any expense in essential digital skills. They have even started Google skills center at Helsinki.

It is no coincident that Google has made this declaration close to Global Climate Strike Day when people throughout the world would take a long walk providing enthusiasm to leaders for taking action on climate crisis.

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